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Russian joke [It's a joke?] cited in William K. Hartmann, A Traveler's Guide to Mars.

25 April 2006

Immigrants in these United States

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

llegal is just that Illegal. What were some poor people coming to America has now turned into several million people of various backgrounds including criminal and aggressive and greedy people. My aunt helped a lot of people get into the US back in the sixties, seventies, and eighties and she was the first to notice that the new generation of illegal immigrants were for the part that they saw them as " pushy, greedy, selfish, not compassionate and for a large number of them- ignorant. They did not know how to communicate even in Spanish or how to learn the basics. If they had kids they had to go to Birthing and other classes and use pictures to communicate with them I am not prejudiced and neither was my aunt. She helped a lot of people cross. Out of her own money she paid for them to have necessary things and her husband and sons did not get anything from the government to do this act. The saddest moment of our lives was once when she was older in years some of the new generation of illegal immigrants broke into her house and took all the food they wanted out of her refrigerator, cabinets, etc. Sure the people were hungry but where is the honor and respect this woman was due fom these people. I might note that she was billingual before she started helping these people in German and English--she was brought up knowing mostly German and she learned Spanish so she could comunicate with these people-even got them green cards- She could have been considered white but a lot of times when she crossed the border they asked her for her US citizen papers upon returning to the US because she and her husband and sons ALL spoke fluent Spanish. Amen

4/27/2006 12:02 AM  
Blogger quixote said...

What happened to your aunt is inexcusable on any level. It's awful that things like that happen. They shouldn't.

The LATimes did a series over a year ago on illegal border crossing and the dangers people run. Some of the crimes they wrote about still give me nightmares. The worst violence is done by some of the criminals who control the trade in desperate people.

That's the most appalling thing about our hypocritical system of providing business with docile workers by making them illegal. Illegal enterprises attract criminals, and turn people into criminals. Which causes good and kindhearted people like your aunt to suffer. What we need is a policy for foreign workers that is fair, honest, and safe for everyone.

4/27/2006 5:53 PM  

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