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"What is the difference between a realist and a dreamer? The realist thinks that someday a UFO will come down and hover over the UN building, and that the aliens will come out of the UFO and offer to share their technology and solve all our world's problems.

The dreamer thinks maybe we can get our act together and do it ourselves."

Russian joke [It's a joke?] cited in William K. Hartmann, A Traveler's Guide to Mars.

05 May 2006

The death penalty is lethal

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Blogger That Girl said...

The only reason I would support the death penalty is neither of the reasons you stated.
We catagorize serial killers as human beings although they share only DNA. They are animals in people-clothing.
There are plenty of ways that humans have devised (tho we use almost none of them) to change behaviors or limit harm. But none has ever been devised that will make a pyscopath/sociopath safe for society.

7/27/2006 6:27 AM  

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