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"What is the difference between a realist and a dreamer? The realist thinks that someday a UFO will come down and hover over the UN building, and that the aliens will come out of the UFO and offer to share their technology and solve all our world's problems.

The dreamer thinks maybe we can get our act together and do it ourselves."

Russian joke [It's a joke?] cited in William K. Hartmann, A Traveler's Guide to Mars.

06 April 2006

Of Cosmic Significance

Please see my current blog (at for this post. It's filed under the same name and date in the Archives.

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Anonymous Sarah in Chicago said...

oooo, this stuff rocks!!!

And yes, I know I'm being a complete geek in saying such, but while I may actually be a sociology phd wonk, I do have a degree in astrophysics as well, which I do miss and love still.

(hope you don't mind me popping over from Shake's Sis, etc to comment)

So, where do you pick this stuff up from hon?

4/10/2006 2:59 PM  
Blogger quixote said...

Hey, I lo-o-ove comments. Please! Comment away!

My degrees are all in various biological subjects, so I'm a complete amateur on this stuff, but a fascinated one.

Where did I hear it? The BBC article was the first place I saw the report about neutrinos. I'm not sure where I came across the axions. (And why "axions"? Are they on some kind of axis? Inquiring minds want to know, but nobody explains it to them!)

The Pioneer Anomaly I heard about when the Planetary Society was fundraising to try to save the relevant data, stored on huge old magnetic tapes which were going to be scrapped by NASA because that outfit is now officially run by idiots. I just recently saw an update that almost all the data has been saved, can now be studied, and we should have an answer sometime.

And the gravitomagnetic research I saw first on Barbelith in their Laboratory section. It's an originally English discussion board about everything. Sometimes great. Sometimes less great. But almost always interesting.

4/10/2006 4:17 PM  
Anonymous Sarah in Chicago said...

Ah, bugger, I was kinda hoping it was a news reel email or the like I could subscibe to.

Oh, and as to particle names, I never ever noticed a pattern.

And don't get me started on NASA, talk about a HUGE fucking wasted opportunity.

4/10/2006 6:26 PM  

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