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"What is the difference between a realist and a dreamer? The realist thinks that someday a UFO will come down and hover over the UN building, and that the aliens will come out of the UFO and offer to share their technology and solve all our world's problems.

The dreamer thinks maybe we can get our act together and do it ourselves."

Russian joke [It's a joke?] cited in William K. Hartmann, A Traveler's Guide to Mars.

12 July 2006

Conservatives: What's wrong with them?

Please see my current blog (at for this post. It's filed under the same name and date in the Archives.

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Blogger That Girl said...

As always, a wonderful post.

I would like to say that I have actually said "It's my brain chemistry today, not my feelings".
When you have severe mood swings during mensration and pregnancy you quickly realize that "feelings" dont necessarily have anything to do with how you feel.

7/27/2006 6:15 AM  

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